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  1. So is this plugin open sourced? I'm more interested in seeing how the code is compiled and executed on the fly, the concept is very interesting. I knew .Net could compile code dynamically, however, I'm not sure how you added it to a running program. Is the code saved to a temp DLL and loaded via LoadAssembly() ? thats the only way I can think of doing something like this.
  2. Hello, I see the zip file containing the source code is on a url using port 8080. I am in Iraq using a very strict govt network, I can not download anything on port 8080. I would like to keep my C# skills sharp while I am away by playing with this source code. Can anyone mirror the file for me using the standard port 80? Or even email me the file at Thanks.
  3. the redirect gives me this file: PaintDotNet_2_5.exe
  4. ok if I stop the redirect, i see a link to a zip. but the redirect is wrong, its points to the binary installer
  5. The only "download" link under "Source Code" redirects to an exe
  6. Sorry if this is a stupid question, but I downloaded the using the source code link on the download page, and it installed, but I dont see where the source code is. Where should I be looking?
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