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  1. Update PaintDotNet Fr to v2.72. PaintDotNet Fr
  2. Thanks, Rick We don't have work for nothing !
  3. Hi Rick I have updated the french language pack for v2.70. 100% user interface 100% help Link: http://www.ipbs.fr/ftp
  4. Hi Rick I just posted an update for version 2.61 (the last one was for version 2.6). You can download it here
  5. Rick I have made the corrections you have asked for. I don't understand your remark about the directories, because there is no "Logiciels" folder in Zip file ! The new files are posted on the same location.
  6. French localization of v2.6 is here. This translation contains user interface and help documentation.
  7. Well, that's it ! It seems that all the tool help texts fit correctly.
  8. I made some corrections, but... the label in the status bar is really too short ! And some descriptions cannot be reduced (french is a language that loves long sentences) (I have the same problem with the fill style label).
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