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  1. I think he is referring to Paint.NET's UserDataDirectory folder ("Paint.NET User Files"), the one usually created in your user profile's "Documents" folder on first use of some Paint.NET features like "Save Palette".
  2. Hi, There's no problem with your configuration : seems that expiration date in the current linked file really was today and not September 1st. ^^
  3. "Programming today is a race between software engineers striving to build bigger and better idiot-proof programs, and the Universe trying to produce bigger and better idiots. So far, the Universe is winning." Rich Cook
  4. GeForce Go 7600. Not a gamer but it was in the same box so... and 15.4 was a perfect size :-) Just one problem : addiction, could be painfull at work :?
  5. For me : 1440x900 (laptop, 15.4" widescreen)
  6. Hi, I just saw that on Download.com : "Your favorite freeware" : http://blogs.download.com/Daily-Downloa ... php?p=1411 "Roll your own Adobe CS3 for free" : http://blogs.download.com/Daily-Downloa ... php?p=1402
  7. Hello, As you can see on the image, there's a little bug when pasting from a printscreen on a RDP session. On the left, you can see the right piece (6px) of the real image. Also notice a 6x1 "Red-Black-Green-Black-Blue-Black" line on the bottom left corner. Paint.NET versions : 2.72 & 3.0 Alpha 1 Reproduced on : Windows XP SP2 FR / Windows Server 2003 R2 US (RDP) Windows Server 2003 SP1 FR / Windows Server 2003 R2 US (RDP) Reproduction : PrintScreen on RDP Session => Paste in PdN Observations : 1) PrintScreen in RDP 2) Launch Paint 3) Paste in Paint 4) Launch Paint
  8. ok :-) Paint do that, but don't try with a big picture
  9. Hello, Is the acquisition from clipboard support for EMF format planned for future release of Paint.NET ? Like the one, for example, placed in clipboard by the SQL Server 2005 diagram editor when we select the "Database Diagram > Copy Diagram to Clipboard" menu item. But with or without that feature, Paint.NET is great. :wink:
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