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  1. Well, sure. But afterwards I have to restart Paint.NET. Would prefer it to be implemented. It's a common features almost all MDI applications support. Stefan
  2. Salut, used the search but did not find a feature request for this: Close all documentes. Any chance to get that implemented? Thanks in advance, Stefan
  3. Salut, for a new layout for my website I want to pattern the body with Part A picture below. In the center of the page there should appear Part B. On the right side the transition works already (in fact Part A is from the right side of Part . But can't get the transition to work of the left side (at least with my knowledge). Part A should not be color adjusted. What I tried already: I used the magic wand tool on the blue part on the top of Part A below. Then I created a gradient from black (full opacity) to black (zero opacity) as you can see below "Opacity layer". Then I wanted to insert Part A in a third layer over "opacity layer" and set its display mode to "additive" (as I thought that Part A would be drawn over Part B with opacity values gradient from the opacity level. Unfortunately it did not work properly. So how can I get the transition to work? Edit Just some seconds after I clicked Send I got another idea and it worked. I used the magic wand tool to copy the blue part of Part A and Part B to a new layer. Then I used the Motion Blur effect on the new layer (0 degrees, centered off, 40 pix distance). The black part (banister of the bridge) was now blurred by the layer above. Using an eraser for that part removed the effect and the transition is now smooth as wanted. Thanks in advance, Stefan
  4. Hello, hope this question has not been asked before, but could not find anything matching. When I insert pictures from the clipboard, they are centered on the whole picture, not on the currently viewed area. I'm used to have it inserted at the center of the currently viewed area, and a lot of picture editing tools behave this way. What about changing this behaviour? Thanks in advance, Stefan
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