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  1. New translation for the Frisian language. Remeber that when the Frisian language is installed that it isn't possible to update paint autamaticly. frisianpaintfy-nl.zip
  2. Frisian translation for 3.2 final. If mistakes or found please reported it, and be aware that with the Frisian language it doesn't check for new program updates.! frisianpaintfy-nl.zip
  3. This one is for 3.2 beta 1 Just completed the Translation and changed ynset to ynstek. If there are problems, please let me no. Greetings Berend frisianpaintfy-nl.zip
  4. Is there an solusion for that, ot is it just something Microsoft forgot to implement in .net 2.0?
  5. Working on an updated Frisian translation for 3.20. Something that I notice is, that if I use the Frisian Language which is displayed oké when using the langcode fy-nl(+updated special from MS) I can't check for updates. Wy is that
  6. Here's the translating for paint 3.07 http://files.myopera.com/ytsmabeer/file ... ources.zip As always if paint can't find the Frisian language change the file from FY-NL to FR en choose the France language Have a nice day
  7. Well some good news I think. On my pc Frysk is now official usable in paint.net without changing it to Frans. I made a change to FY-NL with works when your system has installed the Frisian language on it. Here's a blog about making Winxp understand Frisian Blog and here's thepaint file Have fun with it. If paint works in Frisian without the microsoft update please let me know Berend Ytsma
  8. The Frisian translation for the Final http://files.myopera.com/ytsmabeer/file ... ources.zip As always it's overwriting the france language because microsoft still doesn't support Frisian
  9. Here is the first version for the Frisian language. It stil needs some work, but that will come before final of paint. Also caus Frisian isn't a supported language the language shows itself as France(FR). http://files.myopera.com/ytsmabeer/files/PaintDotNet.Strings.3.FR.resources.7z With greetings Berend Ytsma
  10. After a long time I found some time to make an update. I believe the Frisian language was at version 2.5 and is now updated to 2.7x http://ytsma.50webs.com/paint.html
  11. Normaly when someone wants to "improve" a translation of someone elts it would be good to discuss that with that person. Is this happend here?
  12. Just my idee, but I rather see someone from belgium translate it to dutch than someone from the netherlands. People from berlgium can play with wurds! Greetings Berend Ytsma
  13. Ill try to start translating the help files for the frisian version as soon as I can, But because I'm In the middel of translating something els, it can take awile. Berend Ytsma
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