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  1. :evil: I tried putting this sender as spam in Norton and also as junk in Outlook and I still keep getting them in my inbox- Hope the 24 hours will end this bug!!!
  2. I too have experianced the same as Marshall. I'd rather have NO threads than all this spam.
  3. Thanks, Rick, This is very useful software. I just edited a photo from my 50th HS reunion where I had a closeup after an outdoor event and my face was all shiny. I just used the color select, paint and gausian blur to smooth things out and take the shine off, add a little lip color and mascara etc. I'll try the clone soon.
  4. As I have used the clone tool in (a very old) Corel PhotoPaint , I know how I expect it to work, but I could not immediately figure out how this one does. Is there a way to set "source point" and "target point"? As I saw that the help menu is not available, maybe someone can point me in the right direction.
  5. You can change to 8 bit in one step with Irfanview (also freeware). I've been using it for basic stuff like that, cropping changing overall gamma etc.
  6. I hope there is, too. If not maybe it can be included in the next update. I used to do that also back when I had Corel Photopaint (2 PCs ago). The actual process was to zoom in and blend the colors of all the pixels touched by the tool used (whatever size and shape it is). I have dot downloaded the program yet; I wanted to check comments first.
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