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  1. I am also getting this, Windows 2000, used the automatic update to upgrade from Beta4 to Beta5. Here is the contents of the PDN. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Crash log for Paint.NET v2.5 (Beta 5 Release build 2.5.2129.31201) Time of crash: 10/11/2005 18:25:00 OS version: 5.0.2195.0 .NET Framework version: 1.1.4322.2032 Exception details: System.ComponentModel.Win32Exception: The system cannot find the file specified at System.Diagnostics.Process.StartWithShellExecuteEx(ProcessStartInfo startInfo) at System.Diagnostics.Process.St
  2. That is true, you would have to also default it to the outer edge of the wheel so that a color is picked, but then people would moan that its not black. But anyways, yes you want to keep it simple, so how about a compromise and just include a tickbox option somewhere in the wheel that stops the color brightness reset until you can redesign the palette ?
  3. I understood this, and while it would be nice, what im saying is that the slider is re-rendered with the correct color and thats good enough. Then make it default to full brightness when you start paint.net, just dont have it change every time you click the color wheel, and the problem will be solved. Your "new users" will get the color they pick on the color wheel until they learn how to use the brightness slider level.
  4. Just an idea. View space is a premium when it comes to image editing, and theres a whole lower toolbar with font formatting options constantly being displayed even when you are not using the font tool. How about making this lower fixed toolbar hidden and have it only appear when the font tool is in use. Maybe even be convert it into a floating toolbar instead so that you can move it around.
  5. I would not expect the wheel color selection to be the final color, as it says above, its a 'base' color which is combined with the shade. The slider itself shows the actual correct final color, so you just look at that instead, and it already gets re-rendered everytime you choose a hue, so should make no performance difference ? If the bar stayed in position, color finding would be easy because you can just 'browse' through the colors, but at the moment its just a pain.
  6. This is when picking a color from the floating 'colors' toolbar. and I am getting the terms from the More, HSV section. But in simpler terms, you want to pick a dark shade of a color - You pull down the shade from light to dark using the rectangle slider - You click on the circle to find the color and it resets the shade back to light
  7. While obviously having its uses, even with the solid toggle you could just move the mouse away or move the window itself to see the results. Also try applying a blur value more than 60 to your picture, and even with transparancy I think you will struggle to see the result underneath without moving the window. I hope to persuade you to re-think this design, as apart from being easier to read at high resolutons, real power from this could come when combined with an option to set transparency levels. You could have everything far more transparent, barely visible even, but still usable just by
  8. The middle mouse click on the zoom tool and the space bar is exactly what I would like to see happen when you ctrl+middle mouse on any tool. The reason is for work flow and when your painting you should still be able to move quickly around the canvas without stopping what your doing. The zoom tool breaks this because your deselecting your current tool just to move, and I can only see it being useful for people without a scrollwheel. The spacebar might logical for photoshoppers, but I find it strange, and naturally want to use a mouse button to grab. Im sure both spacebar and middle mouse c
  9. With transpareny on. Move mouse over floating toolbar and it turns solid, move mouse away and it goes transparent again. This I assume is correct. Move mouse over menu window ( example: Image, Resize option ) and it remains constantly transparent, instead of turning solid which would make it easier to see.
  10. 1) It would be great if when you ctrl+mouse scroll to zoom, it actually zooms into the location of the mouse pointer. At the moment it seems to always goes to the center of the window, so you have to zoom and then scroll to where you want. 2) I would also like to see a ctrl+middle mouse button option to 'hand grab' the image and then be able to drag the position, like google maps. I find this is easier and more accurate than using the scrollbars directly. 3) Im not sure if this is a bug or just the way focus is handled, but if you click on the little floating toolbar just by its title to m
  11. When you move the mouse over floating toolbars they turn from transparent to solid which obviously helps you to see what your clicking on. But when using any of the options off the menu, such as in Image, Resize, they remain constantly transaparent.
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