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  1. Here's a link to Mediachance which provides Photo-Brush image editor, with a great perspective correction feature. http://www.mediachance.com/pbrush/index.html Photo-Brush, the photo and image editor
  2. Hey Rick, Thanks for the information about rotating, etc. However what I meant was a real perspective correction feature like many of the better photo editing programs have. Such as PhotoBrush, PaintShopPro, Paintman and a few others. For example, superimpose a grid over the photo and then move corner points to compensate for the effect created by a camera lense where the subject is at an angle. Thanks again. Jack
  3. BTW Zacariem I think "aloud" has something to do with shouting. Didn't you mean to say "allowed"?
  4. Hey guys, Has anybody ever considered adding a Perspective Correction tool to Paint.net? That would sure be a nice addition to what's already a real fine program. Jack Jackson
  5. I haven't been able to print more than the first page of any help subject. Is there something I should do to adjust my printer? Don't think so, it usually works fine. It would certainly be good to have a printed reference for learning to use Paint.Net. Thanks, Jack
  6. I've also noticed the eraser problem. But it's still a great program! Keep up the good work. That curve tool will be a fine addition too. Jack Jackson
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