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  1. BTW, I just happened to upgrade to v3.36 and noticed you subsequently included the ability to choose a default tool. Thanks a million - that was just what I needed. I've quit messing around with Corel altogether, thanks to you guys.
  2. Yes, it just started and I've already received four of them today, including the one that just brought me straight to this thread!
  3. Speaking as a long-time user of Corel PP, I'm incredibly impressed with how sleek, compact, intuitive, quick and feature-rich Paint.NET is. 99% of the time, I use it for simple edits and launch selected photos in unique instances of Paint.NET through a commandline argument from another application. My question: is there a way to reset the default tool selection (or a commandline option to set it for each new launch)? I almost always need the Rectangle Select Tool and practically never the Paintbrush.... Many thanks for a great little alternative - not only to MS Paint, but to expensive and RA
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