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  1. Ahh, we have a winner! So the upgrade/update doesn't remove it?? Thanks
  2. I did, which only consisted of downloading and extracting it to the file types folder. It still gives me the same error. It didn't do this prior to the most recent update of paint.net. I tried opening a .ico from the recent file list which was one/some I had worked on prior to the paint.net update but with the same error. I'm really missing the use of this plugin.
  3. After my last update of PDN which puts me up to the latest release, this plugin will not let me open up any .ico files. It says something to the affect "There was an unspecified error when opening the file". Any ideas? Thanks
  4. menu looks like this could look like this(different menu of course)
  5. Hi, really nice program! I'm using Window Blinds and it skins Paint.net pretty well. I do have one thing I'd like to change if I could, the drop down menu menuitems have a hovering highlight of color or background image which is covering almost all of the hovered menuitem which in turn is covering up the styled WB menuitems image. Is there a way I can fix this without excluding Paint.net from being skinned by Window Blinds? I don't know if it makes any difference but after install of Paint.net I haven't restarted XP yet but did logoff and back on. Thanks
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