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  1. I draw a picture with 2 layers and I set the layer modus of the second layer to 'reflect' and then Paint.NET crashes. Here the crash-log: Crash log for Paint.NET v2.6 (Alpha 1 Release Build 2.6.2172.30793) Time of crash: 15.12.2005 17:18:27 OS version: 5.1.2600.131072 .NET Framework version: 2.0.50727.42 X86 Processor count: 1 Exception details: System.IndexOutOfRangeException: Index was outside the bounds of the array. at PaintDotNet.UserBlendOps.ReflectBlendOp.Apply(ColorBgra* dst, ColorBgra* src, Int32 length) at PaintDotNet.BitmapLayer.RenderImpl(RenderArgs args, Rectangle[]
  2. If you can code in C# then you have allready your feature. With the addin "CodeLabs" you can write C# code which manipulate your image.
  3. Why you use Paint.NET? It is relativ easy but powerful too. And free too. What you should teach? They are many possibilities, but I would start with resizing (optimize for web, looking, print). Then I would continue with adjustments. First based on the complete image then on a selection (incl. the diffrent selection-tools). After what you can show how to add figures/text. Effects (effects itself and rotate/zoom a image/selection) should follow after what. Finally i would show the usage of layers. I hope I could help.
  4. An alpha version is more a preview of a program, has bugs and not all features are implementet or implementet features will remove from the final version. A beta is relativ a finished version. It is tested by other people to find bugs and fix them. This are the diffrents )im my opinion :-)
  5. You said, Paint.NET 2.5 has a curve tool, but then is it integrated? I use beta 4 and i couldn't find a curve tool. Can I find it in the next beta?
  6. The subject says all: I wish the update feature will also works then the current user don't have administrator rights.
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