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  1. How do I empty or clear the Clipboard? How many images does it hold? It seems to keep the last used image even after I have saved my work, shut down and opened a new piece of work Thanks
  2. Thank you for the replies and comment. I have tried again and have now been successful. I think the problems have been due to whether or not a new Layer was present. I have files of differing formats open e.g .TIf and Paint.net. I am not experienced in using Layers and I think there is a need for rather more Help on these sorts of topics for occasional users please. For instance I didnt understand for quite while that in order to have two or more images open on the screen at once that you had to open in a new window. My current problem is how to make two different plans exactly the same
  3. I would appreciate help. I have two drawings (plans of a building) open in separate windows and want to copy parts from one to the other. I am having trouble. What is the precise proceedure? I managed to do it last week sometimes but not always - the "nubs" didn't always appear. I downloaded the latest update of Paint.net last night and this morning cannot do it successfully at all. I need to be able to move a section and resize in the new window to make a good fit. By the way the cursor artefacts are still appearing. Many Thanks
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