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  1. Hi, New french user, I'd like to thank you for your wonderful Job and to propose you some new features : 1) What about a second "toolbox" with the features of "image adjustments" (like brightness-contrast / levels) ? It would be easier to manipulate than to click to layers, then adjustments, then brightness-contrast)... 2) The possibility to open a folder containing images and to show them in small size, would be easier to jump from an image to an other and to open one and after working on it, to open a second one and so on... 3) When using the "brightness-contrast", just let the the native without any correction. As I understand each time I'm cicking on "brightness-contrast" the image is modifying. I have to click on "reset" to go back to my native image... Thanks one more time for your great job and sorry for my poor english !
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