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  1. I am disappointed. I am in the process of creating a web site to print note and greeting cards with pictures. ( http://www.click-n-print-cards.com ) I was planning to have users add text and print the note cards from paint. But in order to have the cards properly formatted so the white space around the image is equal on all 4 sides the the margins need to be defined. The existing paint program does this just fine. I can also envision that there may be times when other users need to print on both sides and have the images aligned front to back but not necessairly centered. I really thin
  2. The existing Paint program that comes with XP allows the user to set the Left, Right, top and bottom margins. The existing wizard in 2.1 is nice but not flexable. I need control of the margins to do what I need and can not get the output I want with the wizard. Does anyone know if this feature will be added in future versions?
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