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  1. 1. You'll have to adjust the canvas size and then work with the layer in the same window, or you can open the image you're using and then resize it and then save it and then open the original image and both images when used as layers will be the same size. 2. Use the "Rectangle Select" tool on the upper left of the Toolbar or the "Lasso select" tool beneath it and select the area you want to erase and then click on the "Eraser" tool and erase the pixels within your selection. Let me know if this helped any. Yeah that helps. Out of curiosity, what size does something need to be to be a CD a
  2. I was wondering how I can automatically make an imported second layer fit flush with the first layer and keep the same size. Also, how an I take the background out of a second layer, like a black and white logo, so just the black logo appears on the first layer? Thank you so much for any help! -Justin
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