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  1. Thanks for the reply, BoltBait, when I used the "Move selected pixels" tool in the past I've been able to move the pixels and manipulate the image. When I use it this time it just scales the pixels when I need them moved to a different position. I didn't know if this was a bug so I went ahead and posted it.
  2. When working on this image to correct poor spelling, I find that when I switch to "Move selected pixels" I can't move the selected pixels. Here's the screenshot -> Let me know if you need any more info., I'm using Paint.NET Beta 1.
  3. I found two registry settings that can come in handy for I.E. v6 and v7. The first one speeds up I.E. and makes pages render faster -> [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\Tcpip\ServiceProvider] "Class"=dword:00000008 "DnsPriority"=dword:00000001 "HostsPriority"=dword:00000001 "LocalPriority"=dword:00000001 "NetbtPriority"=dword:00000001 Only those settings with the numbers set to one should be changed. Also, save the old values in case you need to go back to them. The next reg. setting changes the menu bar so it sits on top of the screen under the header like I.E. 6 did. -To change I.E. 7 Menu position Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00 [HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Toolbar\WebBrowser] "ITBar7Position"=dword:00000001 You have to create a new dword value in that registry setting. To set it back, simply - -To change it back to original Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00 [HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Toolbar\WebBrowser] "ITBar7Position"=- That's it, hopefully these help out a bit. I've used I.E. 7 since it was released and it looks like a quality browser from M.S. My only complaint is the lack of a "new tab" button on the top menu, but it still works well enough for me.
  4. Excellent, I look forward to v3.0. About the gradient tool, will it be "editable" as far as greater control over the gradient (i.e. Artweaver's)? That's a little bit of a letdown that not more 64-bit owners took advantage of Paint.NET's 64-bit image capabilities, I remember when I mentioned Paint.NET to someone who did have a 64-bit machine how thankful he was that someone revamped the old MS Paint program... The MDI and the color palette look like welcome additions.
  5. Windows XP Home with SP2. I've noticed SP2 is now mandatory for Paint.NET on Windows Home/Pro, will this apply to future Service Packs as well?
  6. I remember a while back, where it was stated that you and Tom would like to add a "suite" of effects (relative to what a normal image editor has) to Paint.NET. Any chance of this happening for v3.0 or will it be a later version?
  7. O.k. then, I thought I'd "feel" it out anyway, I recently found out that .NET framework v3.0 is in beta and I was taken aback because v2.0 was released. -Microsoft is quick with those .NET framework releases!- :!:
  8. Another question, what will be done with Paint.NET as MS .NET Framework v3.0 for Vista is released? Will there be another migration to it?
  9. I've seen him play live when I lived in Memphis about a year ago, not bad for a South American (origin?) player. I take it you live there? Not a bad place. Now for my newest work, it isn't graphics intensive but I thought it was a good work and some of the people I have run it by like it, so here it is: And for those who know their movie history the grasped hands are the same from the movie "Schindler's List".
  10. I was at their concert two weeks ago at the Gorge man, it was awesome. It was even worth sitting through Bauhaus for (they are awful). Ha..ha.. I've heard Trent can really throw some good live shows and they usually outshine any other band onstage. 8)
  11. Thank you, I remember starting a thread about this topic and hoping it would be in v2.6 in some way or form, but I'm glad that it has been added to v3.0. Having a complete range of values really helps a user (like myself) when working with different images. P.S. it's nice to know that someone else listens to Nine Inch Nails (or at least knows who they are). 8)
  12. This is a very good plug-in. It is somewhat similar to the gradients that can be produced by the Gimp. I concur that the "OK" and "Cancel" dialog boxes should be moved. 5 stars.
  13. Alright, it's time for my entrance into the "Pictorium" and for my entry it's a work that I did on the "My first Paint.NET" thread and I've taken and revamped it to make it more "3-d" and more explosive. (That and it "looked hot" when I'd look at it) Thanks to DenDem for the inspiration and some good tips. To Buzzkill - very good work esp. on that first one it was very hypnotic. To Crazy Man Dan - that is one of the cleanest and sharp designs I have seen on these boards, good job. Without further holdup: SuperNova v2.0 For next work I think I'll do something more complex and driven.
  14. Ha..ha..I think this is sarcasm, right C.M.D? I just read "Curious George's" (pun intended) comments on that one thread he created and to that I'll requote myself. If it isn't going to be added to the main toolbar, I don't see any harm in making it an "effect". It may not have the same desired effect that an airbrush tool would have but it would still be within the program's bounds. Also he mentioned "ask any professional if a graphics program has an airbrush and see what his response will be" or something to that effect. It's been stated before that Paint.NET is a personal application not a professional application. Issue resolved.
  15. Yeah, after using "Doker" or "PC Dokter's" plug-ins, I liked the adapability of his plugins and it was something I would use for any effect I, may one day produce. Having more than one input box really helps customize the effect a little more.
  16. Try importing or opening the image as a layer and going to Layers -> Layers Properties and then using the Opacity slider to manipulate the transparency. Also, if you could post the image file you are working with and the text, it might help in specifics.
  17. Simply have your "TV layer" on top, and then slide your "image" right beneath it (Using the up and down arrows in the layer box). That should achieve the look you are going for. Nice idea by the way.
  18. Yeah, I see what you're saying, that's why I asked in the other thread about them, I've got an idea or two for a plugin but it would be a while before I actually published any. It would be better if more of the people asking for requests, whether it be for a file format or an effect just decided to get together the right tools and compile and publish the plugin on their own. Also, if a plugin is made available in the future for the majority of the Paint.NET userbase could we send them to you and have the .DLL hosted on WSU's servers?
  19. I was thinking about this, what are the developer's opinions on letting people make tools but in the form of an effect, like the aforementioned airbrush? That would settle the need for it, (to some people) without actually adding it to the Toolbar.
  20. Yes, I was about to address that on another thread, but I might as well do it here. What are some of the criteria for making an effect plugin for Paint.NET? I'm somewhat proficient in Java as a programming language, would a person need to learn C/C++ and .NET to be able to code a plugin correctly? And lastly, what type of compiler would you recommend for compilation?
  21. Since everyone is putting up their new artwork, I thought I'd show off my "Supernova Orb" and showcase it in this thread. Made exclusively with Paint.NET - Props to R. Brewster and T. Jackson for such an amazing application. -Radial Blur for the composition of inner core -Layer -> Rotate/Zoom for the horizontal rings -Motion blur to "simulate" stars in the background.
  22. As a workaround have you considered saving your image file in Paint.NET and then opening it in regular Paint and using it's Print command to do your printing? A mix of lil' brother helping big brother out in this case.
  23. Try this: the Microsoft Gif Animator. It's a little old but it does what it needs to in regards to creating Animated Gifs. http://www.jhepple.com/gif_animator.htm I use Paint.NET to create and modify a GIF and then I alter it a little at a time and save the files in a separate folder with the title Frame 1, Frame 2, and Frame 3 for each image, and so forth and then compile the images in the GIF Animator and I'm set up and ready to go.
  24. Crash log for Paint.NET v2.6 (Alpha 1 Release build 2.6.2172.30793) Time of crash: 12/19/2005 10:00:15 PM OS version: 5.1.2600.65536 .NET Framework version: 2.0.50727.42 X86 Processor count: 1 Exception details: System.ArgumentOutOfRangeException: Value of '101' is not valid for 'Value'. 'Value' should be between 'minimum' and 'maximum'. Parameter name: Value at System.Windows.Forms.ProgressBar.set_Value(Int32 value) at PaintDotNet.ProgressDialog.set_Value(Double value) at PaintDotNet.CallbackWithProgressDialog.DoProgressUpdate() ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ The first time I tried to update it, it stopped at 48% and I had to restart. The second time I tried to update it, it went all the way to 100% and said it couldn't extract anymore and left me with a pdncrash.log for the holidays. Here goes round 3..... -Also the copying and pasting an image between new layers is not an issue anymore, I didn't have the right layer highlighted (visible) so it was a matter of operator error.
  25. I've a small request that may not be too hard to implement and that's fine tuning the tolerance bar. When working with the paint bucket or magic wand, I use the tolerance bar but I can't get an exact value (i.e. I want to use number 10 but can only slide it to a 9 or 11.) My idea would be to put a (-) minus sign to the left to decrease the tolerance and a (+) plus sign to the right to increase the tolerance. This would show up similar to the way that the tolerance text changes to 50% (by default) on mouseover. Let me know if this idea seems feasible, Rick. Thanks.
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