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  1. You can make it as a plugin or someone else
  2. PDN isn't basic anymore for me mspaint is basic :wink:
  3. Will ther be a text editing feaure in 1 of the next releases, I missing it since launch of pdn
  4. @Alph Tech / STUART: nice program if you have XP and POWERtoys installed. But I don't have those things installed (Windows Server 2003) so maybe a other program? I found something but it's shareware http://www.showyourphotos.com
  5. @ .NUB That's the problem with Hyperthreading, you got only 1 CPU thats must do multiple threads and in most cases it's slowing down in HT mode
  6. mmmh other problem with the updater. I update to the latest version and he doesn't update, beacouse i think there's something wrong with the serial number!
  7. There's a .NET alternative http://www.icsharpcode.net/OpenSource/SD/Default.aspx it does what VB.net and so does so
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