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  1. All I needed was it to be on the computer since I can get stuff done 100 times faster on Paint.NET than on any other program. I import the stuff I edit in Paint.NET into Photoshop or whatever Im supposed() to be using so I can print it and stuff.
  2. Well I found out how to install it without the required privelages. I just put all the Paint.NET files form my hard drive at home in a zip file and hosted it on the net and downlaoded it on a computer at school and enabled write on the hard drive and I just did a bootleg install of it. Only bad thing is is that I cant update it :'(.
  3. I am trying to install this bad < no swearing > program on a computer at school, and the stupid thing says I need more privelages or something in order for it to install. I was wondering if there is a modified installer or something that will let me install this program on a computer at school or not? I want to use this program more than Photoshop because Photoshop takes to long for me to do 1 thing, and takes years to save files.
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