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  1. I looked through the icons and noticed they had a gray or silver color background. In the menu structure that color doesn't show up. How did you get that color out? Thanks.
  2. I understand! Thanks It's just going to be me and a couple of buddies developing this if indeed we get time. Was just going to strictly use the code as a "reference". Not strait copy .
  3. Since you stated you could do anything with the code, I'm assuming I could take it and use it to start an open source project? I think it would be a very interesting project to start! :idea: Probably would be another way to learn more about C# and .net in general. I will make sure to note copyrights. Thanks
  4. When I set an image on a menu item. Nothing shows. When I told my father about DotNetWidgets I found out that he purchased it after he took a couple of programming classes for his own applications. Anyway, he doesn't use it anymore and let me have it. Could you possibly help me figure out what's going on with the image index? I dragged the menu provider onto the form and created one menu item. He can't figure out the problem either. Here's screenshots of a menu with and without an image: without: with:
  5. Can you have the new alpha and the current stable version installed at the same time? I was thinking that there would be an mru list in the registry. But, it probably isn't worth trying. Thanks
  6. Is there a way to manually remove the recent file list? Thanks
  7. Doing a repair seems to have fixed the problem.
  8. The print wizard is an XP feature. Please consider adding your own printing method so I could use Paint .NET to print images on an older machine. a lot of people still have windows 2000 and such. I got lucky and downloaded XP for free via MSDNAA for my main machine. Thanks!
  9. Download the msi installer and do a repair. It worked for me.
  10. When I go to print I get, this feature requires Windows XP Service Pack 1 or later. My machine has Windows XP Pro with SP2 and all available updates. Any ideas?
  11. Duh! Thanks. Don't know why I didn't think of that. I have a fried brain from learning C#! LOL
  12. I'll give the sites a look tomorrow. Thanks again.
  13. It would be nice to have a way to import or paste an image from capturing a window or the entire screen using Paint .NET.
  14. Hopefully I'll still be in school and I can at least play around with Visual Studio 2005 for free for a while.
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