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  1. It only didn't sound normal to me since the source was always freely downloadable and IMHO is not so clear that you need the request by email. Thank you.
  2. This take me to http://www.eecs.wsu.edu/paint.net/contact.html and not to the source code.
  3. As in subject: why I cannot find anymore the source code of PDN? Is there some "secret" link? I searched the forum but all the links found are "corrupted".
  4. Actually I'm on another PC, but if the problem is that you overwrote something, I hope you can tell me something because I cannot use my PC any longer... it periodically draws "broken" windows and still continue to turn on and off the video... I don't know if this is due to PDN, but the timing of the events is incredible. My regional settings should be Italian.
  5. I installed the PDN 2.5 b3, but it does not work to me... I'm using win XP Pro SP2 (with classic appearence, in win2000 style). When I launch PDN it takes minutes to start and my monitor (1024*768*16bit) continue to "blink" as it was trying to change the resolution. All the system become inusable until I close PDN via Task Manager What's happening? Last releases all worked fine...
  6. Can I ask why a shortcut that should point always to PaintDotNet.exe won't work after an update? I noticed that the shortcuts property (in all start-programs, desktop and quick launch) shows in "Destination" "Paint.Net v2.5 Alpha 3" instead of c:\mypath\PaintDotNet.exe and it is disabled.
  7. Hi! This is a little prob that I see since the 2.2 beta-installer-test. I use the "quick launch" bar (I don't know the tecnical name) in the Windows application toolbar. If I put the shortcut for PDN in this toolbar everytime I install a new update I have to redo the shortcut, because the older one does no longer work (even if all the parameters seems to be ok). And please... put something that says the angles degree in the layer rotate/zoom windows!
  8. Why have you removed the "updown" control that says the rotation angle? And why don't you even put on the same control for the zoom? And... wouldn't be nice if I could say "let's this layer resize at 100x80 pixels" instead of just by zoom factor? Again, the control to move the layer in the zoom window is really useful. It would be more if it won't so sensitive Also I see that you put the handles for resizing a selection. I think it would be useful that the handles in the corners would mantain the aspect ratio. :wink:
  9. - Start PDN. - From menu Layer -> Import From File... select a file (I checked on .jpgs). - At the question "Expand canvas to fit imported image?" replay Yes. - CRASH This is the log: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Crash log for Paint.NET v2.2 (Alpha 1 Release build 2.2.2069.24094) Time of crash: 04/09/2005 12.14.36 Exception details: System.DllNotFoundException: Impossibile caricare la DLL (uxtheme.dll). at PaintDotNet.SystemLayer.SafeNativeMethods.OpenThemeData(IntPtr hwnd, String pszClassList) at PaintDotNet.SystemLayer.UI.Draw
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