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  1. Rick Fonts like Arial or Times Roman for example do not nesessarily contain special characters like ®, ©, etc., but fonts like "Symbols" contain all special characters. I think the need to insert special characters would be best served by an "Insert", "symbol", as used in MS Word. The core issue may be that Paint.net won't allow multiple fonts in a single line/string. This would explain this problem for you, as the ® symbol for example is from the "Symbols" font...
  2. Testâtest This is what's displayed instead of the ® Registered symbol. Will this feature be fixed? Is it being considered? Is there any way I can use symbols in the mean time? Thanks
  3. Ohhhhhhhh Was using Verdana or Tahoma in MS Word 2K. I'll try Arial, and others. Can I originate special characters?
  4. Its seems important to be able to insert and use special characters in text, as much of the graphics from Paint.net are used on web pages, etc. When I try to cut & paste text with special chacters it substitutes things like â for ®. Or did I overlook this feature? Thanks
  5. Paint.NET v2.2 (Alpha 1 Release build 2.2.2067.27821) Is better after using Regclean. The splash screen only displays when clicking on a file set to open w/Paint.NET as associated app I guess.
  6. When an area is selected & deleted, its then displayed as a checkerboard pattern. It can be fixed only with the Paintbucket or new project. Using Win XPPro SP1, PIII 650Mhz. Nvidia Riva TNT video adapter. Is it me?
  7. Is this about the Huge delay on startup, and no splash screen?
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