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  1. I still don't know all the issues, but here at work I've scanned a page of text (using the greyscale option in my scanner driver), saved the image as PNG, and directly made a PDF using Acrobat 7. Works perfectly. Yes, Paint.NET does generate a 24-bit file from this 8-bit input, but that in itself doesn't affect Acrobat's ability to deal with the image. Afterwards, I used OptiPNG to optimize the PNG image, and the image was reduced nearly in half, converting to 8-bit in the process. That, too, went into Acrobat without difficulty. Will re-test with Acrobat 8, but am no longer concerned about
  2. Evolution of the issue: I used Paint.NET (3, beta 2) to scan let's say ten pages from a book. Then I fiddled these in various ways to make the eventual OCR process more successful (mostly, sharpening). Then I used the new Adobe Acrobat 8 to make a PDF collection of the set. Each image in the resulting PDF collation was nonsense, unrecognizable. I wrote this off as a probable inability of Acrobat to handle PNG (my format of choice), and went on to other things. After similar work involving more pages, a lot of OCR, different kinds of images, etc, which I had done with a mixture of Photoshop E
  3. I just discovered that the default configuration regarding .NET 1.1 on Windows Vista is Prohibited (IIS, Web Service Extensions). So, if an application is built to expect that version of .NET, it won't run, anyway. As with ASP (looking for which is how I stumbled upon the .NET 1.1 restriction), you can change the value from Prohibited, but I think the beta is unstable enough not to rock the boat right now...
  4. Each of the images in the color test is a PNG file. Two show correctly in Paint.NET, four do not.
  5. I've been doing some testing of PNG support under, first, IE7, under the direction of Greg Roelefs, who doesn't do Windows. That support is, essentially, excellent, and should recover a lot of the lost prestige over PNG support in earlier versions of IE. But now my attention has turned to looking at other applications, and I'm choosing Paint.NET as an implementation of the .NET imaging routines. Is that fair? For example, if Paint.NET doesn't handle some aspect of PNG support, is it fair to assume that it's .NET that doesn't handle it not Paint.NET, itself? In particular, a test for su
  6. Even installing 1.1 and its SP still yields a Paint.NET crash. Log says it can't find Microsoft.Ink.
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