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  1. I am sure not the director. But possitive comment is very good fot the mind of people.
  2. Vector graphics isn 't possible with Paint.NET.
  3. It is the easiest way to update your Paint.NET version when you have opened Paint.NET and then click on File->Updates->Check now.
  4. I am working on Win2K Sp4 without any problem. The error message you gave, will say that printing and scanning i sn't avaible on Win2k. Just like Rick said.
  5. You don 't have to put them into Paint.NET. When there are installed into C:\Windows\Fonts, they can be used by any program (Word, Paint.NET, an other).
  6. Effects belong to the 'Effects directory' Filetypes belong to the 'FileTypes directory'
  7. You have to unzip the file and you have to place the dll into the Effects directory of Paint.NET (Typically C:\Program Files\Paint.NET\Effects). Then you need to start Paint.NET and the name of the effect will apear in the Effect menu. So you could use it.
  8. This plugin is not standard aviable in Paint.NET, you have to download it yourself and install to use it.
  9. Have you already found a solution for this problem ? Anyway good job
  10. Good job are you going to release the source ?
  11. Keep up the good work. Thanks for the work that you already have done.
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