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  1. Yes it can. It's a new feature for 3.30. I just confirmed that Photoshop CS3 has no trouble opening an 8-bit BMP saved with Paint.NET. Can you post a screenshot of how it looks in your other program? And which program is it?
  2. Yeah simple mistake. Just go ahead and post it in the right place, thanks. Thread Closed
  3. Hi Trambovshik, welcome to the forums! However, please make sure that your thread titles are descriptive and not overly generic. Please be sure to read the rules, which are not "recommended reading", especially #6 : viewtopic.php?f=20&t=3446 Thanks. Closed
  4. Do this for me please: 1. Click on the Start button/Windows pearl 2. Type in %TEMP% and then press enter 3. An Explorer window should pop up, and it will be open to your "temporary files" directory 4. Press Alt+D (this will place the keyboard focus in the path text box) 5. Press Ctrl+C (this will copy the path to the clipboard) 6. Come back here to the forum, and paste (Ctrl+V) that path into a reply to this thread For example, on my system I get "C:\Users\Rick\AppData\Local\Temp"
  5. Wow, I just got the Metallica songs you can download online for Rock Band ... those things rules. Now my hands are jello and it's hard to type.
  6. They said they had a lot of pictures being uploaded with "Paint.NET" in the "Creation" metadata field, which was pretty cool. Anyway the key thing for me is figuring out a good UI to deal with "remote" or "export" save points. For instance, if you go to File and Save As, you must pick a local or network location. That location is then remembered for when you go to File->Save. However, something like saving to photobucket would need to be File->Save to Web, or (more generally) File->Export To->photobucket. At this point, do we remember the location? Do we provide a shortcut like Ct
  7. Data plugin? Reflection plugin? I don't know what you're referring to.
  8. C# 3.0 = (I'd use a 'heart' but we don't have that emoticon ...)
  9. I would most likely do it as an extensibility point. So even if Paint.NET didn't ship with flickr support (for example), it would be easy enough to install a plugin for it.
  10. I actually have had some discussions with photobucket on implementing a feature like this (they approached me, in fact). It's just a matter of doing it, really, but it won't happen until 4.0 at least.
  11. Curves+ isn't compatible with 3.30. pyrochild will be releasing an update once 3.30 is out of beta.
  12. Goodness, has this always been like this? There's a bunch of code in there that wasn't even hooked up ... easy enough to fix though. Thanks for pointing it out.
  13. No, 'built-in' types such as integer and floating point numbers are exempt from this limitation. Interestingly however, the System.Math methods are not inlined. I'm not 100% sure why, perhaps because they are ngen'd or in the CAG ? (I assume by CAG that you mean GAC ) I know that, at least for 64-bit, there was an issue with some of the Math methods where performance was grossly lower than it should have been. I'm not sure if that's been fixed or if it's slated for the 3.5 SP1 / 2.0 SP2 release. I've always meant to experiment with isolating some of the Render() functions into a C DLL and P
  14. You seriously waited only 7 minutes to bump your post? Go read the rules -- they are not "optional reading". The rules: viewtopic.php?f=20&t=3446 Thanks.
  15. I'm not sure if that applies to something like Int32 or Byte though. In any case, w/ .NET 3.5 SP1 + .NET 2.0 SP2 it will all be fixed. Should provide a very healthy performance boost for Paint.NET, as just inlining methods involving the ColorBgra class will be a huge benefit.
  16. Actually, you're going to run into some serious problems trying to implement this. First is my strong dislike that you're ignoring the stream -- you're essentially misusing the file type plugin system. However, beyond that, you're trying to show UI from the OnSave() method, which is strictly something you're not supposed to do. There's a reason I don't pass an IWin32Window to OnSave() !!! And, since OnSave() is executed on a different thread, it's going to be difficult or impossible to get UI running correctly in concert with the main UI. The fact that FolderBrowserDialog is "confused" just i
  17. Right but those are function calls, which may or may not be inlined. The performance will be "the same or worse." In any case it doesn't really matter, we could creatively debate this all day
  18. Code? Also, what do you do with the stream for the file that the user originally chose in the Paint.NET supplied dialog?
  19. Regarding ClampToByte, correct. There is really no benefit to nesting calls to Math.Min/Math.Max, although it may be more succinct that way. The benefit is in having the ClampToByte method in the first place, and there isn't much to be had by changing the way it's implemented.
  20. This is already fixed in the 3.30 code base. That line of code does impact performance, but otherwise causes no harm.
  21. I fixed the title At first I thought it meant, "A curse and a question" and I thought, "Someone's trying to put a curse on the forum? Well, that's certainly new at least."
  22. This is already in the Popular Features Request thread. No further discussion is necessary, nor desired. Closed
  23. This is already in the Popular Feature Requests thread. No need for any further discussion at all. Closed
  24. Correct. Paint.NET manages the initial directory itself; this is especially required for the Vista version of the dialog, the accessibility of which is not built in to .NET 2.0. (I had to write a ton of COM interop to get to it)
  25. Please refer to the sticky'd troubleshooting thread in the Plugins forum.
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