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  1. Why would this involve porting to C++ or COM? Did I say it would? I don't see anything in what I wrote about porting to C++. Or COM.
  2. It's interesting, because I've always been "against" non-Windows versions of Paint.NET because they would have represented a significant time cost and I didn't see much of an advantage in terms of, for example, growing the user base. Macs are still at 8% or so, but growing. But, here's the kicker: in the subset of users who are interested in downloading something like Paint.NET, I'd estimate that 20% of them would like to use it on a Mac! It's all about which slice of the market you're interested in. Adobe would not continue to develop Photoshop on the Mac if they were not getting a significan
  3. Can you be more specific with what you mean by "the transparency color changes slightly" ? I'm on my MacBook right now, no access to Paint.NET itself -- imagine that! -- but I tried opening the TGA you posted and it looks like it's an 8-bit image. Paint.NET cannot save 8-bit TGA images, only 24- and 32-bit. To be honest, the 8-bit loading support has not been rigorously exercised. There was even a latent bug that was in the loader for over a year whereby the green and blue channels were being swapped and nobody even noticed! Talk about a combination of embarassing and edifying -- if nobody not
  4. I have to use premium in my BMW and it's in the $4.15/gallon range now.
  5. I don't have an E60 5-series, but I sure would like to. I think they're gorgeous -- I sat in an M5 at the dealership the other day and it was downright intoxicating. But it was $100k and only 11 MPG. I currently drive a 2004 325i sedan, which I bought brand new. Looking back, that was a poor financial decision, and so I'm going to make up for it by keeping it for a very long time. I mean c'mon, I already drive a BMW ... there's no huge rush to upgrade I also don't think it's a good time to buy a new car, as I have a feeling that the engine technology is poised to make a dramatic leap forward
  6. Un-sticky'd. Sales have not exactly taken off :shock: But that is ok -- not every business idea has to take off The store will still remain there, as it costs me nothing to maintain, I just don't think we need this to be a sticky topic anymore.
  7. I really don't think decompiling and then recompiling an effect DLL is a good approach to take. That's the very definition of a hack, something you really don't want to get into. You'll probably introduce more problems than you're trying to solve, and then the effect authors (or myself) will start to receive crash logs that are probably the result of your code. The extensibility system for 4.0 is being redesigned to accommodate a lot of requirements such that they can be "first class citizens". Things like discovery, activation, hosting, isolation, installation, updating, removal ... not all
  8. What happens if you uninstall Paint Shop Pro X2 ... ? Does it go back to normal?
  9. Actually the .org one is mine, it's just still parked by Godaddy. I'm not really using it, although maybe I should set up the redirect at least ...
  10. Nope, it's impossible! I'll make a note of it for 4.0.
  11. Yeah the goal isn't really to change things around like that. While doing some design on 3.0, way back when, I did a lot of sketches to see what kind of UI changes might work out. Eventually I decided, hey you know what, the UI works pretty well as it is ...
  12. reghelper.com -- Got it, thanks. Once the AdSense site is done with maintenance I will block + report it. I think there's also a link on that ad, at the bottom in blue, where you can send feedback to Google about the ad. Please do so!
  13. What's the URL that the registry junk "download" button takes you to? I can block it, and report it to Google. I guarantee they won't be happy to know that their AdSense program is publishing spyware links.
  14. Although, 4.0 will completely obviate the need for this at all ... that's been the plan all along anyway.
  15. There's nothing to preview ... There is no difference that a user would see yet, nor will there probably be for awhile.
  16. And please read the rules, especially #6. Your thread title is overly generic and no different than saying simply, "help!". Thanks. Thread Closed
  17. What we really need are those new NIN songs to download for Rock Band.
  18. The "container" (the scope object, in Paint.NET) really doesn't need much complexity. It just needs methods for creating a class, or retrieving a service. All the other things you mention can be implemented in services that are registered into the scope. IRemotingManager, etc. The new asynchronous programming model will obviate the need to work directly with threads as much.
  19. Please remember to post in the correct section of the forum ... Moved to Effects API/Development
  20. I've already built mine from the ground up. It's pretty simple, and this way I have full control over it.
  21. While they're at it, maybe they could incorporate animation and presentation elements that allow it to look like a game from 2008, and not something from 1998 when 3D acceleration was a novelty. Seriously, the graphics and animation in GH3 are horrendous and I can't play it. The fret board is full of noisy, distracting graphics. And the songs they give you are terrible 80's trash. It isn't fun. Rock Band is a million times better.
  22. Rum 'n coke. Keep them coming until I hit the floor.
  23. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Inversion_of_control In Paint.NET this will be applied in the use of a scope object. This will be how code will access services and classes that are registered in the system. For example, I could register the IFileOpenDialog as a class and then in code you say ... IFileOpenDialog ifod = Scope.Create(); ifod.Show(); There are two implementations of this dialog: ClassicFileOpenDialog (for XP), and VistaFileOpenDialog. Your code doesn't know, nor does it care, which one it's getting. It just cares that it adheres to the contract laid forth by IFileOpenDialog. A
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