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  1. Yes. When we query the Windows Shell for the virtual folder location, we also include the flag that tells it to create the folder if it doesn't exist. In this case though it isn't necessary, as we have fallback locations ... I'll file a bug.
  2. Or just use ColorBgra.GetIntensityByte()
  3. Retooling some of this -- will bring it back later Temp Closed
  4. You're welcome Might I recommend a trip to http://www.getpaint.net/donate.html (Hey I can always hope!)
  5. Oh I see what you mean ... yeah use the Fixed Size feature
  6. Please stop asking about 4.0 -- it's a long ways off Still working on a lot of the foundational stuff.
  7. I can't put everything in the FAQ, brad.pike. It would be 50 pages long.
  8. Alright, here we go again This releases introduces a new Posterize adjustment, a new Intersect selection mode, and dramatically improved performance for selection editing. Please note that this is a beta, and expires in August. You can get this by downloading it from the website, http://www.getpaint.net/ (no need to uninstall your current version, it will figure it all out for you), or via the built-in updater. For the latter, go to Help -> Check for Updates... and make sure you are set up to receive betas by clicking on the Options button and ensuring that "Also check for beta releases"
  9. Please read the rules. Going like this: !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! is really annoying. Thread Closed
  10. It's possible Paint.NET is mis-interpreting something in the TGA header. I'll file a bug and look into it. In the meantime you have a pretty good workaround at least!
  11. Cool. Paint.NET just passed 2 million total downloads on download.com http://www.download.com/3120-20_4.html? ... t&tag=srch (Although do note that this is a fraction of the total downloads overall)
  12. Whatever program has created the image is saving it as a 32-bit TGA, but has encoded every alpha value as zero (which means they are all transparent). You want those values to be inverted, so they equal 255. Try the plugin called "Invert Alpha": viewtopic.php?f=16&t=24232
  13. I threw a rock at one. It worked for about 2 seconds.
  14. Wow, crows are annoying, outside my window cawing for a half hour :evil:
  15. Pictures/examples please. No idea what you're talking about without them.
  16. Well, if you were wanting to pay for Adobe Premiere, that's the place to do it because they'll also kick $15 over to Paint.NET. Anywhere else would send $0 ... but you'd pay the same amount!
  17. Yeah I know, it sounds like it should have a catch but it really doesn't. Surprised me too, after I researched it for a bit. Anyway, I'm trying out a new way of donating (PayPal is still allowed of course!) using TrialPay. You may have seen other software such as mIRC, AdAware, or ZoneAlarm touting this as a way to get their full or registered version for free. Well, now you can send a donation to Paint.NET without actually spending any money All you need to do is to try or buy one of the many products offered by TrialPay, many of which you would normally buy anyway - such as games, music,
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