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  1. Yeah I was only asking for diagnostic reasons -- I'm not suggesting you should or need to keep that configuration :)


    You may also check to see if you have any multimonitor- and/or window- management type of software installed. They often cause weird issues. ATI Hydravision for instance, is still bundled with AMD's Radeon drivers for some dumb reason, and same for NVIDIA equivalent with their Quadro drivers. Like c'mon, Windows has had that functionality built-in since Windows 98, or at least XP for sure ...

  2. This is a small update that improves some quality-of-life issues, and fixes some important crashes due to mishandling of some non-fatal DirectX errors.


    To get this update, make sure you have "Also check for pre-release (beta) versions" enabled in Settings, and then click on the Check Now button. (Unfortunately alpha/beta releases are not currently available for the Microsoft Store version of the app). 


    You can also download and install this build directly: https://www.getpaint.net/files/zip/test/paint.net.4.215.7683.6519.install.zip


    Changes since 4.2.14:


    • New: "Tolerance Alpha Mode" toggle button added to the toolbar for the Magic Wand, Paint Bucket, and Recolor tools. This permits switching the algorithm for color comparison between premultiplied (default) and straight. "Straight" will distinguish between transparent pixels with different color values, whereas premultiplied will see them as equivalent.
    • New: Holding Ctrl while using the Color Picker tool will sample from the merged image (vs. just the current layer)
    • New: The file name in the title bar will now have a prepended asterisk when it has unsaved changes
    • Changed: The image close 'X' button can now be clicked for images that are not currently active
    • Fixed: The Rectangle Select tool, when used to draw a constrained, fixed ratio, or fixed size selection, will now correctly clamp the rectangle to be within the canvas
    • Fixed: Layers -> Move Layer Up/Down/Top/Bottom was not working for images with fewer than 3 layers
    • Fixed: Edit -> Erase Selection will now fill with transparent black (#00000000) instead of transparent white (#00FFFFFF)
    • Fixed: Custom Shapes will now be displayed in a consistently sorted order
    • Fixed: ".pdnSave" ghost files should no longer linger when saving to the desktop. This was due to a bug in Windows and File Explorer.
    • Fixed crashes due to DXGI/Direct3D "lost device" or "device removed" errors that can happen for various reasons (dock/undock, driver update, low memory, etc.)
    • New: Plugins can now use the IArrayPoolService, a wrapper around .NET's ArrayPool, to optimize their array allocations
    • Updated bundled AVIF FileType plugin to v1.1.6. See the pdn-avif releases page on GitHub (https://github.com/0xC0000054/pdn-avif/releases) for more information.



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  3. On 1/8/2021 at 9:56 AM, toe_head2001 said:

    Thumbnails are found in the registry. They are in the Base64 format.




    There's no way you're going to get your full-size image back from a thumbnail though.


    You can write a simple C# / LinqPad script to decode the thumbnail. base64 -> byte[], then wrap in a MemoryStream, then use Image.FromStream(). (it's just a PNG)

  4. It's a long-standing issue that I just haven't addressed yet. It's more complicated than you'd think because the Shape rendering code has to handle floating point, not just integer, coordinates, as well as arbitrary 3x2 matrix transforms. Detecting that a pixel-aligned circle is being drawn isn't as straightforward as I'd hoped.

  5. The "selection quality" (aliased vs. antialiased) affects how the selection is rendered, it doesn't change the selection itself.


    You can see the difference if you zoom in on a non-rectilinear/non-"pixelated" selection and toggle the toolbar button. Rectilinear means axis-aligned line segments, aka only up, down, left, right and only 90 degree angles. Pixelated is a PDN specific term (in the code, never seen in the UI) that means that all vertices are on integer (whole pixel) coordinates; it's a superset of rectilinear. In the code it's mostly used for a whole bunch of performance and memory usage optimizations.


    Antialiased vs. aliased selection quality for a circle selection that's been zoomed in on: (yes there's a glitch where sometimes the top/left/right/bottom edges of the outline don't draw in the alised mode; it's purely cosmetic)



  6. I think Photoshop solves this by changing the mouse cursor to have an X, and if you try to click/draw on the layer it pops up an error.


    But, I'm with @Ego Eram Reputo on this: it's just part of the learning curve. It would require quite a bit of work to change this and there hasn't been many reports of this. It's certainly possible I just don't see it rising to the top of the priority list any time soon.

  7. 13 hours ago, Joshua Lamusga said:

    Try this if you're having the settings problem ~~~

    Try creating a folder exactly called paint.net User Files in your Documents folder at  "C:\Users\your_name\Documents\" (where your_name is your current username...


    The name of this folder is localized (translated), so that suggestion will only work for English.


    I would have them click on Open Palettes Folder and see how well that works. It will automatically create all the folders if possible:



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