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  1. I've had an idea and hope it might be useful to you. What if Rick adds an option somewhere in paint.net (interface or config files) so you can disable/enable DIBV5 format from the clipboard? That would be a workaround this Firefox issue, and if some incompatibility is noticed with other apps, just turn it back on.
  2. Thank you for that reply, Rick. It helped me to understand the issue better. I got another question if you don't mind answering: If DIBV5 is that problematic, then why keep it? Even mspaint doesn't use it anymore. Haven't apps moved to png yet in all these years? Firefox does give preference to DIBV5 over PNG for some reason, but it certainly accepts PNG. Don't know much about the other apps.
  3. I might have gotten it wrong because I don't know much about the problem/isn't used to that tech language that much. Sorry for that.
  4. Here: Ok it looks like paint.net doesn't want to add the default 12 bytes header on DIBV5. Just why not? BoltBait said "Just because a bunch of software does it, doesn't make it right." I mean who cares if it is right or not, at least it works for everyone. I do not see firefox solving this issue soon because they just won't care enough, so why can't paintnet add these 12 bytes and call it a go? Problem is fixed. It is like "Ok, if you won't fix it on your side, let me fix it myself for the sake of the users". Stuff like this occur every time and that's why open source projects have so many forks.
  5. Thanks for your response. That's an unpleasant situation, because https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=1866655 says paint.net is faulty on that one. The bug is 2 months old and we got no fix yet
  6. In https://support.mozilla.org/en-US/questions/1436969, paulgibbs111 says it's a firefox bug. In https://github.com/graphics32/graphics32/issues/257, rickbrewsays it's a paint.net bug. Rick said it was fixed in 5.0.8, but I'm in 5.0.12 and getting the same glitch. What now? Is there a solution?
  7. That's a very odd bug. When I select an image from paint.net selection tool then copy it on firefox on whatsapp web or google docs, there's a 1 pixel line on top of the image: The line gets literally incorporated into the image. If I download the image, the black line is on top of it replacing the first row of pixels. This does not occur on Edge, and it also does not occur when I try to paste something from other image editors, like mspaint. Firefox version is 122.0 and paint.net is 5.0.12 and Windows 11. This bug just won't occur if I don't use firefox or paint.net, and it only occurs when both are present. I have also posted this question on firefox support forum. Bug is also present in my laptop with the same apps, so it's not exclusive to my computer.
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