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  1. Well ,I tried this method ,but it was still hard to use when I tried to reach the combo Ctrl+Alt+Shift+C and Ctrl+Alt+Shift+A And I can't see the previous selections(of their positions)... Thanks a lot! Hope there is a better solution ...🤔
  2. Hi @midora Sure it works,but It is inconvenient When using Ellipse Select Tool ,I often want the current Ellipse selection to be added to any previous selection(s),but if switch to move selection tool , the whole selections will get rotated as well I suggest to use an extra hotkey instead of switching to move selection tool (by adding this new feature to Paint.NET) I'm poor in grammar😖,hope to convey the meaning(please tell me your feelings~)
  3. When I use Ellipse Select Tool ,I noticed that elliptical selections were fitted in the rectangle space drawn by my mouse. Can I rotate the space with a extra hotkey so that I can create a more flexible selections?(especially Carving irregular area outline) as the illustration below.
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