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  1. Hopefully that will work with 8-Bit depth as well cause that's what literally all images I have ever seen have been, with some of them being 16-Bit but usually it's all 8-Bit
  2. So let me explain why this is a problem for me in the first place: A few months back I learned how to make 3D Model edits in Pokemon X, Y, Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire. But for both the models and the textures I have to use very old modding tools that aren't maintained by the dev anymore. And the tool I need to replace the textures crashes when attempting to import an image that isn't in RGB Mode, this means if I save an image with a color count low enough for Paint.NET to save it with an Indexed Color Mode, I can't import the texture using this tool. I can fix it using Photoshop, but preferably I'd either like to see a setting added to Paint.NET to disable this feature and ALWAYS save using RGB even if Indexed Mode is more efficient for a certain image. If this could be done through a Plug-In that's also okay, so long as I can stop having this issue. The provided screenshot is from Photoshop since it can show me the color profile of an image, which Paint.NET can't
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