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  1. Is that possible to add a checkbox, that saves converted to alpha color to separate layer? For example I have this icon, I want to change black color to white, without changing yellow logo and white outline and with converting pixel in between white-black and black-yellow (yellow-black to yellow-white, white-black to white-white) It could be convenient to convert black to alpha, and save black to other layer, invert black layer and merge layers back together.
  2. Thanks, I have found the plugin in the BoltBaitPack51, but I still think that feature could be stock. I had been missing it pretty long in the past.
  3. Just like there is the Shapes modes (Outline, Filled Shape, Filled Shape with outline), the same modes could be added to the Text tool. I'm not sure, what is the "text layers" from the "Popular Request" Thread, so in the case it is exactly what I am requesting, add please the "text outline" to that text line in the Popular request thread.
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