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  1. @Ego Eram Reputo: I already name my layers - and the POINT of my message is the Thumbnail size. @Rick Brewster: Thank you for the suggestion but screen resolution has NEVER fixed this problem, believe me I have tried .. This has been an GUI issue since 2015 - 6 years. This cannot be that hard.. Please enlarge them, or offer a scaling factor for them. Even the scaling of the image vs the Transparent checkerboard is wacked.
  2. I have this exact same problem with not being able to see what I am looking at with the Layers Thumbnails which are TOO SMALL. I noticed this thread started back in November 27, 2015. It's now 2021 and i am looking for a setting in User Interface to enlarge the Thumbnails - OR - a Plug-In that does it. Is there a status update on this issue?
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