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  1. And here I went overboard with the brush tool only colorizing the grass and ground with brush set to opacity, forground color to white and background color to light gray and strength to zero. All in the same layer.
  2. Thank you. I think I managed to brighten only the ground and grass without affecting the ocean and sky to much by using the eraser on all but the grass and ground on one layer and adjusting the brightness and contrast.
  3. On this one I only want to brighten/expose the stand just under the green/orange/yellow lights.
  4. Here are a couple of photos Im trying to brighten up the dark areas on. On the ocean image I only want to brighten and expose the bottom half to show the details in the grass.
  5. By the way is there a way to not get sharp edges when using the rectangular or lasso selections and only brightening that area? Also I wonder where do I edit exposure in Paint.net? In lightroom it's called exposure. Is it called something else in Paint.net?
  6. Thank you very much. This worked very well. I also tried the Laplacian Pyramid Filter by it self and setting the Tone Mapping below 1 (to compress dynamic range) also worked very well. Thanks.
  7. Hi, I wonder how best to brighten up darker parts of a photo without effecting the rest of the photo? In Lightroom I use the gradient filter to select the area I want to brighten and increase the exposure of that part/area. It's not perfect either as it brightens all the parts from the selected area and below. I have tried to use the paintbrush and gratient filter in overlay on Paint.net and it kind of works but the result is very noisy on very dark parts. I have also tried to use the lasso selection to select the only part I want to increase brightness on but when the area is deselected there is har edge around the selection. How do I avoid the hard edge and get a more smooth transition? Is there a tools for changing exposure in Paint.net similar to what Photoshop and Lightroom has? Is there a better way than what I have tried above wich will give the best result with minimal noise?
  8. I'm not shure I follow. From what I understand my issues are with the lack of color profiles in PDN and not megapixel size.
  9. Upon further testing it seems like there is a noticable color difference between the color of the jpg and raw files on my S10e. I can now se it also on my phone. So probably its just the way the phone deals porly with colors. Sorry. Although I do wish that Paint.net should get the feature to open raw files natively some day.
  10. I just wondered why there is a difference when opening from my different cameras. Sony RX100 and Samsung S21 Ultra seems to work fine, but any raw files from my Samsung S10e doesnt. If this has to do with color profiles shouldn't it either work or not work for all or is there a difference in they way the different cameras save color profiles? And why does it work when opening jpg files? So does Paint.net support and work with LibRaw?
  11. Hi. I'm having trouble with colors changing when opening up Samsung *.dng raw files in Paint.net. Se the attached screen shot. On the left side in Lightroom it shows the correct color wich shows the same also in Photoshop, Gimp and Windows Explorer. On the right side it's open in Paint.net and clearly does something to the color. The noticable colors change only seem to happen to raw images coming from my Samsung S10e. JPG works fine. However when opening up both raw or jpg files from my Sony RX100 M1 camera the colors look similar in Paint.net. I have installed the RawFileLab to be able to open raw files in Paint.NET since it can't open raw files natively. I wonder why this happens and what can be done to correct this?
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