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  1. as this seems to be the end of this scanner, I want to thank you null54 for ur support and patience! 👍
  2. okay - driver will not install right - just too old? looks as if this is the end ...... (old 32bit driver seemed to install, but after the procedure no message about success or anything after that I connect scanner - system shows scanner, but says no driver)
  3. oh, sorry,... here is my fault - it´s been a while, so I have wrong memory here as far as I remembered the scanner was shown in paintNet on 32bit just with twainable without driver... WHICH IS IMPOSSIBLE for the 64bit machine, I definitely have no driver installed- that must be the point.. so the latest driver I can find is for Windows XP 32bit (2007) I should install this one and try twainable+, right?
  4. Before trying twainable+ , I removed both old twainable files from efx folder of course...
  5. can´t help! twainable+ window doesn't find my scanner....! background: - used standard Twainable on a W7 32bit PC - still is working, though it's been updated to W10 - copied from effects folder to another new W10 machine, but error message when selecting - changed to twainable+ but unsuccessful scanner = CanoScan N670U
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