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  1. Also more information if it helps; It'd be kinda like a radial pixelation, like the pixels rotate and get bigger relative to a center point
  2. Not exactly what im looking for either. If you have a phone and go to your app store. Theres an app called Alight Motion, and when you pixelate an image you can add an angle to it that tilts the pixelization rather then distorting the whole thing itself. However the reason I dont use Alight Motion for my needs is because it has way less features and is meant for animating.
  3. Not exactly what I'm looking for, I'm more of looking for a plugin that adds an angle to the pixelization. Appreciate you helping me with this.
  4. Ive been creating radar images for a while now but I've never been able to apply pixilation to them because weather radars have a very specific rotation relative to radar location thingy. E.g if the storm was southwest of radar the pixels would be turned in a northwest to southeast manner. Example; (https://s.w-x.co/util/image/w/supercell-warning.jpg?crop=16:9&width=480&format=pjpg&auto=webp&quality=60). The storm is northwest of the radar and as you can see the pixels are oriented in a northeast to southwest manner. How would I go about recreating this effect in Paint.net without making the pixels look fuzzy?
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