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  1. If it helps AT ALL The images I am working with are pixel-art sprites that have been sized up 1000x, but all of the edges to the sprites are still crisp and theres no semi-transparent colors on the image. Is that what is causing it maybe? Thinking about it the only images that get index'd are like this, crisp edged without any translucent colors
  2. Hi there So I recently finally figured out the woe to one of my most plaguing issues when I do video editing on my computer. Adobe premiere has an incredibly nasty habit of just deleting the transparency of images it handles as if they never had it to begin with. I've searched for the solution for months and finally found the culprit tonight. As it turns out, premiere eats the transparency of any images saved in index color modes, and as it happens almost everything paint.net touches ends up becoming an indexed png! The catch is too, not all of it gets saved as indexed! Some escape the wrath of the indexed png and I have absolutely zero idea why! So clearly paint.net can save both kinds. Is there any way, any setting any plugin I can get that will allow me to export ONLY in RGB colormodes and not indexed, as now I have to spend the next hour or two mass converting all of my files by hand in photoshop (which yes, I prefer paint.net tools to photoshop, fight me) which is a slow and painful process. Cheers
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