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  1. Yeah, thanks for the replies and suggestions! I downloaded the Space text plugin and it seems to be catering to my needs. More than just fixing this problem I'm just basically trying to understand what the problem was in the first place, since it seemed so odd.
  2. Yeah, the font is fully uppercase, so writing with or without caps lock produces no difference. This is trailing towards a region I'm not familiar with, but is it possible this is due to some update or change to the way fonts are rendered on Windows 10/Paint.net?
  3. Hi! Yeah, I was thinking that maybe I just really forgot that I did some trick, and went back to check, but no, no plugin... I used Paint.net since it was easy to just click the Text Tool, write the text, then compress it slightly to fit the bubble. There's something here I'm missing, and I'm racking my brain but can't seem to figure it out.
  4. Hi Midora, it doesn't seem to be an issue regarding DPI, since the same problem with line spacing occurs in any type of image I try, same with every kind of different font. I'm sorry to keep pestering you all! Here is another, maybe a little clearer, example of the problem just to be sure... The bolder one is the original one from a year ago, the other from today. Same image, same font, same size and metric, but a year apart.
  5. Oh yeah, sorry! The font I was using is called Universal Fruitcake... I've searched and re-downloaded it from a few different sites, but it seems there is not a newer version of it that would have released during the last year. Also, bold does not erase the increased line space. What's weird is, I've changed computers in the last year, and I dug out my older one with which I had written the original text last year and it too, now, had the same problem with increased line space. I can't seem to figure out what I had done differently!
  6. Hey, thanks for the swift reply! Yeah, I've tried each rendering mode, switching different text tool bar settings on and off, switching font size to pic dpi or 96 dpi... the problem persists.
  7. Hi! I'm new to the forum, so hope I posted in the right place. I have a weird problem right now. A year ago I drew some comics and did the lettering in Paint.net due to its easy-to-use feel. What I did was: I wrote text on an empty layer and formatted it to fit the speech bubble while writing, then I selected the just written text and slightly scaled the pixels to fit nicely in the bubble. Fast forward a year: I took a year long hiatus and got back to lettering. Now I was faced with a weird problem: I repeated the aforementioned steps exactly, but somehow I found that the line space in this new text was bigger than in the ones I made a year ago. Specifically, while comparing, the text I wrote and scaled a year ago had a line space of slightly less than a pixel, while the text I wrote this year is slightly bigger than one pixel. I have no idea why this is happening. I haven't done anything differently from last year. I never had any plugins or anything: I simply used the text, the selection and the move pixels tools. Now I rolled back every version of paint.net until 4.0. which I'm sure I at least had a year ago (I must even have had a newer version than that) but nothing helps. The same problem persists. I can't remember if I did something differently and nothing seems to help: the space between lines when I hit enter is noticeably bigger now than last year. So I thought I'd ask here: is there any knowledge of a patch or feature that could have caused something like this? Anything else that might clear this up? I'm totally at a loss here. I attached a file here: up is a text written a year ago, that is clearly more tight, and below is the same text but written today, with a clearly larger line space. Thanks for advance for any help or links or tips you could give me regarding this situation!
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