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  1. My screen resolution is 1920 x 1080. Sample image attached.
  2. Hi Ardneh, thanks for your suggestion. I played with this idea too earlier on. My laptop is set to 150% by default in Windows. But even with changing the settings to 100% (with everything really small) as you did, it did not make a difference for the two issues I raised including this one.
  3. Hi Joshua, I had another go at making this happen last night after restarting my PC. However, the results were no different. My steps are as below: 1. Open image saved on my computer 2. Copy layer (where image sits) 3. Create new layer 4. Effects>Tools>Brush Factory 5. On opening BF, I tend to always get this error msg "Brush Factory (Version 2.0) Your custom brushes could not be loaded. You can try defining them again." - which I always click ok. 6. Right click on transparent space and select "Use clipboard image as background". After this I get a zoomed in and clipped version of the clipboard image. Since trying this a number of times and with different images, I notice the canvas size tends to be the same with the BF canvas size which I would say makes sense. However, when I right click and select to use clipboard image as background, it seems to be scaling the image disproportionately on my device for some reason (like images in my previous post for example) instead of pasting the exact image from clipboard. Hope this helps. If you need details about my PC or OS, I am using PDN on a Windows 10 Laptop. Thank you.
  4. Hi, thanks for your reply. I will have a fresh run through this today. I will also try restarting my laptop incase that has anything to do with it. I will update you once I have had a chance to do this. Thanks.
  5. Hi, no, I am doing this on my laptop. No other screens connected.
  6. Hi, I am having issues with the "use clipboard as background" feature within Brush Factory. I am finding that my clipboard image is being copied through but only a clipped version of it appears in Brush Factory. I have tried experimenting with this a bit further and find that having my image in the first quarter of my canvas pulls the image through completely but when I proceed to use a brush and click ok to exit BF, the produced brush does not line up as it did within BF. Any suggestions? Would be grateful for any help with this. Thanks. Apologies if I am doing this post wrong with the pictures. Long time user of PDN but never had to use the forum.
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