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  1. For some reason, I can't download any of your plugins. Not the plugin manager for the installer, the .zip pack, or the individual .dll files. I had this problem earlier, and I thought it was something I was doing wrong. I managed to download BoltBait's .zip pack, his installer (even though my laptop refuses to let me to use it), and RedOchre's. However, for some reason, every time I click on the links for the plugin .dll downloads on this page or the individual pages, it doesn't download anything.
  2. And I just found that little tidbit of juicy knowledge concerning admin permissions for the plugin installer on the thread for BoltBait's plugin pack. Sorry for all the trouble. I should have read further down. 😅 Geez, this blonde moment is lasting longer than it should today.
  3. After much running around, resetting my chrome settings, clearing my history, uninstalling paint.net, reinstalling paint.net, I have come across the nugget that is being a thorn in my side. Sadly, it's the plugin installer that comes with BoltBait's plugin packs. Windows Defender hates it for some reason. I have no idea why as my knowledge about what is bashing its head against the wall on computers is not even a scrap of existence, but I just went ahead and downloaded the .zip file. And that worked. So, everything is back to operating standard. Shoutouts for BoltBait and toe_head2001. Thank you for helping me. I appreciate the advice and assistance on this matter. 😊
  4. Okay. Just dumped McAfee. Restarted the laptop as instructed. And, I'm still having the same problem. Should I uninstall and reinstall everything again?
  5. Hi. So, the downloading part is the problem I'm having at the moment. I got the program through the website instead of going through the MS Store. And, I've been slowly going back through the plugins to get the ones I had before that blasted hurricane killed my AIO about four years ago via a power surge. And, I downloaded the plugin installer for one plugin pack but now I can't even download anything else. I'll click on the link for the packs, the .zip files, and the individual .dll files, it will promptly open a second tab on my chrome browser like it's downloading something, but nothing shows up in my download folder on my laptop. I have McAfee as my current antivirus, only because it came preinstalled. Any advice?
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