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  1. Thank you, it is not working as intended, but it produces usable results. 👍 One day I might even understand, what I a, doing 😅
  2. Hi Null54, I am new to texturing and work on mods for a game (Age of wonders3). You can't export the .dds files there, you can only screencapture the textures, save them as dds and import them back to use them. As long as there is no alpha layer involved, everything works fine. When I try to add a layer and save it, paint.net merges the layers. Is there a way to save this with an alpha layer? I don't understand all the options while saving the file. The AoW3 manual tells me to use DXT3, RGBA, 8bit alpha. Since you aswered all the questions in this thread(yes, read them all) as if dds were your
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