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  1. So I'm not 100% certain if your plugin installed correctly. I have a LOT of Plugins, unfortunately nowhere in your readme or your post does it say what options to open your plugin. I'm currently not sure if it's under Adjustments or Effects, nor what sub-category or icon name it is. There's nothing showing up under xBRZ anything in any of my menus nor is there anything that says upscaling. Could you by chance tell me what I should be looking for? Once again, my apologies, I have a lot of plugins. If this was the only one, it wouldn't really be an issue. Edit: On a side note, I found out the file was being "blocked" by Windows, so I unblocked it. However I still can not find the options for it and it does not show up in Plugin Browser.
  2. I downloaded this plugin (well the whole set) and it's been working for the past couple days. Now suddenly it's going crazy and the matches are absurd and not alike at all. The colors are very saturated and it's not really functioning like it should but there doesn't seem to be any settings to reset. For some reason it won't insert this image into the post but here's a picture of what it's doing. https://ibb.co/d2WC8Ww
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