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  1. I use the program for my own photography adjustments and personal digital art. I make a lot of small changes, I use layers, and many effects. Every time I change to a different adjustment/effect, etc. it is always, always focused on the center of the screen; this is where I want to view the results, or dynamic changes as I adjust for them, this is the logical place to work on details. Seems simple. However, every single time I do anything, the resultant pop-up adjustment window also centers itself - over my work area! So every single time I make a change, I have to move that window out of the way before I can work within it; it's in the way. When I finish, it disappears; and will return to the center only. So, why can't the program simply remember where I move the adjustment windows? That would seriously increase my output, but more importantly, increase my enjoyment of working digitally. Is remembering where a window closed so hard? OR Can you offer an override to the default centering that puts the windows anywhere except in the way. Possible to do? Thanks.
  2. I'm working with an image off the internet, a image from an old Twilight Zone episode, black and white. it is 1024 x 768, resolution of 3.00 but the print size is 341 x 256 inches! It's only 115 kb! When I try to place type, even the 288 size is tiny, unreadable. Other files are fine, the size is as expected. I tried converting to a png and pdn, but the type size remains tiny. Any ideas on why? Thanks!
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