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  1. I use the program for my own photography adjustments and personal digital art. I make a lot of small changes, I use layers, and many effects. Every time I change to a different adjustment/effect, etc. it is always, always focused on the center of the screen; this is where I want to view the results, or dynamic changes as I adjust for them, this is the logical place to work on details. Seems simple. However, every single time I do anything, the resultant pop-up adjustment window also centers itself - over my work area! So every single time I make a change, I have to move that window out of
  2. I'm working with an image off the internet, a image from an old Twilight Zone episode, black and white. it is 1024 x 768, resolution of 3.00 but the print size is 341 x 256 inches! It's only 115 kb! When I try to place type, even the 288 size is tiny, unreadable. Other files are fine, the size is as expected. I tried converting to a png and pdn, but the type size remains tiny. Any ideas on why? Thanks!
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