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  1. Is there any info about creating features and coding? Is there a library to use in Visual Studio for, well, IDE purposes. -- As I don't know what's objectively available if I'm just coding in a normal text editor.
  2. Thanks. -- This will come in handy. It certainly does work for the examples I previously uploaded. -- BTW: I get a message saying I can't upload more than 256kB at a time, and another message saying I can't upload more than a total of 72.93 kB. WTF -- Fix this. - Those surely are backwards, and increase the total limit. My only issue is, it makes everything else semi transparent. Refer this: I had to add a red layer below to show where it is semi transparent, everywhere. Not the effect I wanted. I'm back to my original dilemma of trying
  3. Hi. Is there a way to achieve the below with Paint.Net? -- If No, then there should be! I've been struggling with quality in Paint.Net as there doesn't seem to be a way to mask gradients with transparency, PRESERVING THE GRADIENTS. I'm not as interested in converting them pixel by pixel. I should be able to: • State a color. Below it's White. • Select an area, or Flood, how ever the function would be implemented. • Click something, and it goes from BEFORE to AFTER. Other app, including games, do this. Example: I have a Warcraft 3 pro
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