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  1. Thanks! I think Photopea can open 99% of PDN files, so I need to find that 1% of files which could cause troubles (and fix the related bugs, to get to 100%). It is not just a PDN viewer. You will get all the layers (in the layers panel), their names, opacities, blend modes, etc. And you can manipulate it as you would do in Paint.NET (while still in a browser). Do you think I should add .PDN export? In that case, we would get a complete .PDN editor. The advantage could be, that the UI of Photopea is more similar to Photoshop than to Paint.NET, so you could edit .PDN in a "photoshop way".
  2. Hi guys, my name is Ivan and I am the creator of a web-based photo editor www.Photopea.com . I added the support for .PDN files today. You can view .PDN files on any device with a web browser, or convert them to .PSD, for free. Do you think it could be useful to anyone? Can I ask you to try to open your .PDN files there (it literally should not take more than 3 seconds), and if any file does not open, could you send it to me to support@photopea.com ? thanks!
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