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  1. @Pixey Thanks for your answer, but as @Ego Eram Reputo said,the characters should not be turned.

    @Ladybug Thanks too, I have used your link in the past. I just need something different.

    @Reptillian Yeap, the circle text plugin could do it but it needs just one option. Too bad the author is away.

    @midora I like your idea about a "maker" category where perhaps education tools (worksheet generators) could be  added. I like flexagones, I will try your Paper Kaleidocycles plugin.

    @Ego Eram Reputo I think I will use your organigram plugin to create this type of activity. I noticed that the bubbles number is limited to 50, would it be possible to increase it?

    Thanks to all of you. :)


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  2. 1 hour ago, Reptillian said:

    Like this?




    Not really, the circle is actually a wordsearch activity for kids. There are hidden words in the circles. The horizontal disposition of the letters is important for readability like the numbers in a clock.



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