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  1. thanks everyone, I guess I need to stop complaining and use other tools for my text. I do appreciate your help
  2. inserting text and I can't seem to get it sharp like a vector - I know there are online free tools to do it but the only answer in paint.net I can see is having a huge canvas and huge text - I've tried the AA assistant plug in and noise but I can't get sharp edges in text!
  3. just made this. For some reason, even though I make the image transparent, when I transfer it to my cutting machine it makes the background white again. Not your problem of course. It just means I have to delete the background all over again
  4. another problem is how to get smooth lines like a vector - I've tried noise/median Remind me where anti-alias is - or is that another plug in
  5. wow thanks everyone I did this with grid warp but I'll try your suggestions too
  6. update - I'm going through the index and found a few good tools I'm trying to get into a bit of "crafting", anyone interested can have a look at instagram spencertheartist 😀 andfinally THANKS PIXEY
  7. example - I've got this and I want to bend it so it looks like bunting or a washing line (but not upside down obvs)
  8. Hi again, I'm not after anything spectacular, just to pull something out shape a bit - to make a straight thing into a slightly bent thing. Pixey that liquify link doesn't work for some reason oops the other two plug in effects are too extreme for me
  9. thanks Pixey, I downloaded shape 3d and pasted it into my effects folder but it hasn't appeared - but now I notice it was from 2007 - I'll try your suggestions thank you. I'm only after something that gives me the ability to pull something out of shape any way I please 😀
  10. I've been through every menu but I can't see how to bend something. I have a straight line, I want to re-shape it so it looks like bunting or a washing line instead of just a straigtht line. I guess I'll need a PLUG IN??? cheers
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