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  1. I also went through and approved all strings that somehow escaped my notice. I had only been bulk-approving new strings, but I missed the ones which had new activity (in other words, new suggestions).
  2. Buy an EFT gun is so easy. Actually, you don't have to leave the house to buy an EFT gun. Additionally, if I buy an EFT weapon, it is a lot of fun. EFT is a great game that consumes you for a few hours. Buy an EFT weapon, then you'll be stronger and win! https://odealo.com/games/escape-from-tarkov/items
  3. That's nice work! I like the desktop a lot, my only recommendation is that you could use the feather tool to make the pencil less jaggy on the edges. And the second one is great, too. I think that you could add more of a separation between the sky and the water, and maybe blur the clouds in the background more, so they aren't so obvious. But, other than those few things, good job! Edit: After looking more closely at the second one, I think that you could also make the clouds in the sky darker, so as to add more contrast between them, the moon, and the water.
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