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  1. I think that pencil sketch effect does exactly what I was hoping for. I'm not looking for perfection. It's just a worksheet. Some of you guys have obviously taken it to the next level and then some. I'll play around with it and see how it works going forward.
  2. I thought about it. I'm not really that smart with that stuff, though. Maybe I could futz with it. But trying to debug it remotely on whatever setup she has? Just a little too far outside my wheelhouse.
  3. Thanks. This is an example of an original and what it looks like when I play with the brightness and contrast. You can still see the gray in the lower right, but I'm already losing all kinds of detail. https://imgbox.com/g/y8QXwd8MeY
  4. My son is doing remote learning and his teacher sends a bunch of png worksheets. She doesn't know how to use a scanner, so the worksheets always have dark gray backgrounds instead of white. When I print them out and my son tries to write on them with a pencil, it's really hard to even see what he's writing. I try to clean them up by playing with the contrast, brightness, and "sharpen". It sort of works, but I'm just hacking. Is there a better way for a noob to do this?
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