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  1. Thanks. I expect you have way bigger things than this. (To be fair, though, the issue was that non-expert people trying out the app may suddenly find that basic functionality seems to have stopped working, or is too hard to understand - and those people may give up and go try a different app. So I’m not sure that “learn how paint.net works” is much of a solution, because those frustrated “tryout” people have left already, and are no longer using the app. And equally, if you're not hearing reports about this, well, reports would be super-rare by definition, as it’s about p
  2. (Certainly, some kind of warning – and ideally preventing the edit from happening at the same time – would solve the problem of "new, inexperienced users thinking the functionality is broken".)
  3. That's really interesting – Not being a "graphics person", and having no idea how often you guys "repeatedly copy a mask layer to the clipboard" (say), can I just ask: If a person clicks on a Layer to make it Current, but it happens that that Layer is currently Hidden, what would the percentage chance be that they want it to become Visible, for whatever they might be about to do next to it / with it?
  4. I'm guessing there must be reasons why you couldn't just say: "whenever a Layer becomes Current – overwhelmingly because you click on it in the Layer selector – then it also becomes Visible" ? (I do, truly, know nothing about graphics software.) (And PS - if you could do the above, then if a person then ticked the Current Layer to Hide it, you'd have to make a nearby, Visible layer 'Current'.)
  5. I'm a new user, and not a graphic designer or power user, and trying out the software for the first time everything seemed fantastic, until I suddenly found that "Erase Selection" would not work, no matter what I tried, with just the one layer shown (so I was definitely editing that layer!) I was about to give up on the software, when I worked it out: in the Layer Selector, only one layer was ticked for displaying, yes, but the pale highlight was on a different layer. Turns out, I was genuinely making all those attempted edits/deletions to a different, invisible layer...
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