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  1. Thanks for these tips Rick; and thanks for developing paint.net. I was already aware of the windows quick access option. My right-click explorations had not reached the Copy Path and other options, so that is new and very welcome. Purely for the awareness of the path for the file under edit, I think I prefer the Ctrl + Shift + S shortcut and then subsequently abandoning it.
  2. Thanks for the quick response; and the amended one! Let me try to compare; as suggested we have: Ctrl + Shift + C (copy Merged) Ctrl + Shift + V (Paste into new image) Ctrl + S (Save = Save As... because this new file will have no existant source file). Close new file or return to your original PDN file to continue editing. My sequence (file under edit already saved as t1.pdn-and thereby t1.pdn file name added to the recently used list): Ctrl + Shift + S (Save As...) (e.g. as t1.png) Ctrl + W (Close) [Note: no confirmation needed because "j
  3. I recently added a feature request here, which is somewhat related. This is fairly long, sorry for that. I noticed that saving a file under edit for the first time will add that file name to the recently used list immediately (the file still being open). I'm undetermined yet as to that this addition is the "best" or "most desired" behaviour. Another implementation behaviour would be to only add the file name to the recently used list when that file is no longer in the list of open files (being in the list of open files to be considered distinct from the file under edit;
  4. I'd like to make two feature requests that are slightly related. Strictly speaking, they are probably a nice to have but these would be useful to my workflow. Working on a .pdn file as an original I use various derivatives in creating intermediary files and final output files. Such intermediaries/derivatives are for example a smaller resolution of the original file and a final output file in .png or .jpg format used for “release”. Saving a file in a different file format changes the current file name being edited; unsurprisingly of course, but discarding the changed file under edit and re
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